masque of red death_
Scarlett lvl13 witch
u͏͎̜̱̫̗͓n̠͚̗͖̻͖a̸̟̦̪̫ ̨h͉̼̥̦͕̻e̘̠̳̠̣r̙͈͝m̗̩̯̟̪o̩̯ś͓̜à̤ ̵͉ma̩͍̣n͞i̵̺̙͖̥̲̲̯p̘̰͙̩͖ù̞̜̰̙l̷̠̣̜̝̗͍a̖̹̻ͅdo̧̦͚r̘̱͔̼

{{Independent Original Character Rp blog}} {{one + year of experience}} {{please read about Scarlett page before interaction}} {{semi-selective}} {{Trigger warnings that may be frequently seen/mentioned in rp: self harm, mentions of suicide, parental abuse, manipulation, death, blood, mental disorders (see about page) }}

"Hi there… I’m Scarlett Demise, you can call me Scarlett, Scar, Dee, anything you want, actually… I’m eighteen and I’m a transmuting witch, part of the gang Red Death. I am partnered up with Nikki Storm. I am the key to keeping this gang strong- I've been gifted the talent of self transmutation. In order to keep myself from being killed or tortured, I really need you to keep quiet about this. Even though I'm a witch, I'm really quite normal. I do normal teenager stuff. I’m big on learning how to play instruments, currently I can play the piano, the clarinet, and the violin. I really love music… I'm also in love with sports. I'm in track, swimming, and gymnastics. Oh! And, on Saturdays, I work at the maid cafe- LaLa's Sweets And Caffeine. I hope that we can become good friends!"
▌│█║▌║▌║ ฬ๏ยl๔ א๏ย ๒єlเєשє
tђคt ค קєгร๏ภ lเкє ๓є
ς๏ยl๔ ςยt tђє๓รєlŦ
คภ๔ lคยﻮђ คร tђєא ๒lєє๔ ║▌║▌║█│▌
//hi low everybody, mun here. Something you should know about Scarlett is that she may be a bit introverted when you first talk to her. She’ll open up once she gets to know your character. She's actually really outgoing once she knows your character, I promise. Please read about pages before interacting~ Thank you~
****Also, I'm going to be making a relationships page soon!~ If you want to be on it, just drop an ask or a fanmail!~
IMPORTANT: Mun is that they are genderqueer. Usage of the wrong pronouns make them very irritated. Preferred pronouns are they, them, their. Thank you.
PS: My name is Donnie, if you were curious.